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inese auth▓ors of the early 20th century had tra▓nslated West▓ern science▓ fiction."N▓ow Chinese science f▓iction is becomi?/p>


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▓ODAY'S CHINAWhen he▓ and professo▓r Liu Hongtao from Beijing Normal Unive▓rsity were selecting the novel▓las for their▓ 2

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016 book "By the▓ River: Seven Co▓ntemporary Chinese Novellas," Laughlin sai▓d they were looking for works of tod▓ay's Chi

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na that conveyed the fabric of contemporary experience in the thriving economy."We▓ wanted to s▓how the flavor of ev▓eryd

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ay life in Ch▓ina, without so much▓ drama and vi▓olence," said Laughlin. What▓ American re▓aders often look f▓or when they

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read Chinese au▓thors, however, is "some kind of c▓riticism of so▓me kind of prob▓lem" in so▓ciety, he added.Laugh▓lin was

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▓"When it is very go▓od, it may also rise above the moment and say something more p?/p>